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Ethics describes a reflected attitude to life, is at the same time
research and teaching on everything that is considered beneficial and correct.

Ethics deals with basic social-philosophical questions such as truth, righteousness,
morality as well as with desirable agreements and rules, e.g. in science, medicine, jurisprudence: 
with compliant social interaction.

Ethics is therefore essential as an agreed framework for living together,
for common existence with all living beings, the position of the individual, of society within nature.
There is a wide spectrum between resource use and environmental protection.

Ethics is certainly relevant to naturists: Within these basic rules and overall agreements,
the ethical stance of courageous unmasking occupies a central position in naturism.

Naturism also shows the conscious, modest self-limitation
of one's own being together with others - all within the natural systems.

Naturists(m/f/i) do refrain from clothing, where not necessary out of piety or for protection:
on clothing, at least, that shows a rank, hides one's own feelings
or might otherwise distract from what is the case.

"Alternative truth" - private truth - can emerge from truth through obfuscation.
Naturists(m/f/i)  find themselves a part of nature and respect it.
They find that putting people above everything is a, deliberately never-cleared, misunderstanding.
(see respective publications - translations available on demand, e.g. The Bible never told..., Save Whales, Man).
This creates power, conflict, exploitation and: escape from compliance.
War can also arise from that - with the loss of the living good: the loss of "paradise".,

since 1989, has probably been the only office worldwide that is independent of associations:
dedicated to specific questions about ethics, especially of naturism, thus has become an international contact for
naturists(m/f/i) .

Bureau: BEC - Bureau for Ethics and Conflicht Settlement

The bilingual Site on Naturism  ●  Ethics in Naturism Naturistische Ethik 
The Bureau for Ethics  ●  Ethiks and Conflict Settlement


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